Facebook Reviews Go Google!

I’ve often wondered why in the past Google didn’t show Facebook reviews in local search results.  Now, things have changed for the better – Google now seems to be showing Facebook reviews with rich snippet stars in local search results! Here’s what I mean:

facebook reviews

Notice the “rich snippets”stars for the Facebook, Yelp and Google reviews. While the Yelp rating may be a little thin in the example above, consumers can get a good idea quickly how the business stacks up.

I’ve done a little research and most of my clients who have great reviews all around the Web  (including Facebook reviews) are seeing their Facebook reviews right under their Google Plus business page and Yelp reviews. For the lawyers, we’re often seeing the “star” ratings from AVVO  on the front page too.

Majority Of Consumers Take Action After Reading Positive Review

We should all know by now that a large majority of people (72% according to brightstar.com) take action after reading a positive review. From my experience this is true. I’ve seen those who have dropped from the top of the “7 Pack” to the bottom and their calls drop quite a bit. Definitely noticeable.

I think this will make Facebook reviews a big player now as the Google reviews may have been getting to be a little too commonplace.

Build Up Your Facebook Page & Your Audience

This is now a great time to get serious about your Facebook business page.

Start by inviting friends to “like” your page and ask some of your happiest customers to give you a nice review there. Maybe you don’t have a Facebook page for your business yet? Now would be a great time to build one Click HERE for a nice step-by-step tutorial to show you exactly how to set up your business Facebook page.

 I understand it’s difficult getting reviews anywhere, but if you want to succeed and grow your business good reviews should be a huge part of your marketing plan.

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