Experienced Pay Per Click Management Is The Key

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) is essentially an advertising medium in which you can purchase fast exposure to motivated and targeted Internet searchers by paying for every click your advertising receives on highly-trafficked sites such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and the like.

PPC can be a terrific fit for national firms, local enterprises and eCommerce businesses.

At Fairlane Web Consulting, monitor and optimize our clients’ PPC campaigns on a regular basis to ensure that your advertising is performing at peak efficiency.

Unlike many other marketing companies, we insist upon 100% transparency. That’s why we always act as a manager on your PPC account – so you know exactly how your ads are performing.

Our experience includes successful efforts on behalf of a wide array of local entities, helping them boost their bottom line at an impressive pace by using state-of-the-industry optimization methods.

If your local business is in the market of assistance with a PPC campaign, we would be happy to perform a complimentary market analysis for you.

Benefits Of A PPC Campaign

PPC is widely regarded as the best method of getting an expedited return on investment. The high-level targeting capacity of PPC helps your business get in front of the right customers at the right time. You will only have to pay when targeted prospects actually interact with the advertising you post. The ability to set a campaign budget allows you to keep expenditures in check. Finally, the data produced by a PPC intiative can be used as a foundation for other types of marketing efforts.

PPC Fundamentals

A type of Search Engine Marketing, PPC lets you select targeting attributes including income, geography, keywords and the like in order to produce the perfect viewing audience for advertising content. Advertisements will then be shown to searchers who meet the predetermined criteria, and you simply pay for each click received. Pricing is often determined by a set percentage of the entire amount spent on advertising.

PPC Management Assistance

Given the ubiquitous nature of the platform, ads seen on Facebook tend to facilitate the ability to craft a tightly customized approach as compared to Google’s AdWords and similar programs. Facebook Ads are rendered in numerous formats and can be linked with Facebook’s tracking soons that include Business Manager, Ad Manager and Power Editor.

Management For Google AdWords

The important thing to note about Google AdWords is that it provides the broadest reach for the least amount of money. It is possible to keep control of the timing of ad exposure, how much money is spent and which words are to be targeted. The trouble is that these are about the only things that can be controlled. For those not in the know, things can get expensive very quickly.

PPC Management For Bing

Bing Ads are all too frequently neglected by those crafting an online marketing campaign, but the fact is that they are more powerful than many realize. Even though these ads are less expensive than Google AdWords, a typical Bing Ads click through brings 25 percent greater sales. Also, it should be noted that there is never a cost to displaying an ad here, the only time payment is necessary is when a searcher clicks on the ad.

PPC Management For TrueView/YouTube

Advertising on YouTube, accessed through the Google TrueView ad service, is distinctive in a couple of key ways. First, you only have to pay after a viewer engaged with the full length of the advertisement or for at least 30 seconds, whichever period is shorter. Second, these ads may run for whatever period you choose. As such, you can avail yourself of incredible versatility, flexible pricing and a trio of potential ad placement options.

The Strategy Of Retargeting

Perhaps you have noticed that a company’s name seems to pop up in all places once you visit its site. This is attributable to the Adhesion remarketing service provided by Google. Visitors who do not immediately purchase your offerings are likely to be swayed by your advertisements than a person who has never viewed your website. This means that the eventual “get” of this sale is cheaper than attempting to recruit an entirely new searcher to your site.

PPC Management By Fairlane Web Consulting

Not everyone has the knowledge and background necessary to operate this sort of marketing campaign. If this describes you, consider turning to a team of professionals who can generate massive savings of time as well as money. We possess the tracking tools and monitoring skills needed to adjust your campaigns whenever change is in order so that your overall strategy stays on track. We believe that transparency and return on investment are integral to the services we provide, and to that end, all our of PPC clients are assigned an account manager of their very own.

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your company, give us a call! We’d be glad to work with you to map out a future that’s successful, sustainable and affordable.

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