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Dan has been an invaluable asset to my business from the very start! Dan came highly recommended to establish my business in the community by creating our company website. He shared his wealth of knowledge to create a website that is getting noticed! Our website is now #1 on the Google search engine & we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Dan!

Heather Hoelting

Owner, Colorado Springs Insurance, Inc.

Dan at Fairlane Web Consulting is truly the subject matter expert in his field. He has mastered the art and science of growing businesses by developing a dominating web presence and generating quality leads for his clients. Thanks to Dan, my website rankings have moved up dramatically and quickly. I have been thoroughly impressed by his engaging demeanor and true attention to detail in my growing my business. He is very proactive in communicating openly and keeping me informed every step of the way, which is a very plesant change in comparison to my last SEO company. I usually only heard from them when the bill was due and my rankings were just plain bad! (I know first hand that if you’re not easily found on the internet in 2013, YOU-DO-NOT-HAVE-A-BUSINESS. Dan solved this for me, I highly recommend calling Fairlane Web Consulting if you want to boost earned revenues for you company!

Jerry Woolfolk

Owner, High Performance Carpet Cleaning

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