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Website hosting is space where your website “lives.” Quality website hosting also can provide a foundation for email addresses and storage for online documents, etc. If you have a website, you’ll need great hosting.

Why host your website with us?

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 99.23% Uptime* – Uptime monitoring included at no extra cost
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)Technology don’t “share” space with hundreds of potentially damaging websites
  • Peace Of Mind Security – we scan for “hacking” attacks and disinfect websites that do get attacked
  • We make all repairs if you do get hacked – no extra charges
  • Software updates included
  • Complete website backups – additional level of security
  • Google Webmaster Tools evaluation & monitoring
  • Search Engine placement monitoring for keywords
  • Fast Servers
  • Personal Service

There are cheaper hosting options available, but none of the “cheap” hosting solutions come with what you really need to keep a valuable asset such as your business website up, running as fast as possible and free of malware and other malicious attacks. Let me explain.

You need security.

A while back, a website I own and a couple of client sites became infected with a malicious malware that had attacked hundreds of thousands of other websites. Hackers figured a way to change a couple of crucial files through a “backdoor” access that is still not 100% understood to this day. What’s important to understand is what happens when Google determines that your website is infected. When a visitor tries to access your website and Google believes it’s infected with malware, your visitor will see this:

Google Malware Warning Page

Visitors can still access your website (by clicking “Details” – not really intuitive) – but do you really think they will after they see this? I sure wouldn’t.

It took all of a Sunday and part of a Monday to determine what files the hackers changed, fix the infected files on each website and formally tell Google what happened and how it was repaired. Google manually reviews each request and either gives the website a clean bill of health and removes the blacklisting status and page, or the warning page stays if further work is required. We stay with it until you’re up and running.

When we host a client’s website, we do our best to make sure it is safe and secure, and if problems arise we do whatever is necessary to fix it and get it running as it should be.

What if your business website gets blacklisted?

If you don’t think this is important, ask your self this: How long could you stay in business with a blacklisted website?

You need your website backed up.

I use a combination of automatic and manual backup systems. If something truly tragic happens where we will need to recreate your website, chances are we’ll be able to restore it pretty close to the day it went down. No hours-long phone call to the “cheap host” folks to “hopefully” have your site restored. Chances are we’ll see the problem first – long before you notice it. And we’ll have it corrected ASAP.

You need the software updated.

To stay one step ahead of a security risk and to offer the very latest and best features, most website software these days needs to be updated on a regular basis. If you host with Fairlane Web Consulting we take care of all software updates. One exception – if you are using a specialized theme or plugin that you have to pay for on an annual basis for upgrades, we’ll process the upgrade but you are still responsible for the cost of your software.

No up-front fees or long contracts.

We know things change – that’s why we’ll never tie you down to a big contract. Nor do we ask for an up-front fee.

We charge only $69.00 per month for everything! That’s a lot less than most other web design companies because we want to give great value – while taking care of one of your most important business assets – your website.

Come to think of it, $69.00 is about half of what most web design and SEO companies change for 1/2 hour of work. We are an incredible bargain at $69.00 per month. But only if you subscribe using the link below. If you call us after you’ve been hacked and blacklisted by Google, we’ll have to charge our hourly rate – which will be a lot more than $69.00!

Low pricing, great service.

We also have lead generation website/Local SEO packages that start as low as $375/month!

Website hosting solutions from Fairlane Web Consulting makes sense in today’s tech-savvy environment. Plus, our affordable pricing is easy on even the slimmest of budgets, and our level of service is second to none.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a plan below or give us a call at 719-761-4862 and we’ll answer any questions you may have about hosting your website.

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