Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) What It Is And Why You Need It

Search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) rely on keywords to determine what your website is about, with the goal of ranking your website high on page #1 when your keywords are searched.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO for your website)

For example, you have a dog grooming business. You strategically place pages and posts on your website about dog grooming in your city. You might even have a domain that uses that keyword – You might even regularly post articles about dog grooming – different techniques for specific breeds, top products to use, etc. In short, you use keyword-optimized content to tell search engines what your website is about so they will display links to your website when your customers are searching for you on the internet.

Colorado Springs Dog Grooming

You might even include photos in your articles and links to dog grooming authority websites – both great strategies for attracting search engine’s attention.

In short, you have now optimized your website for search engines – SEO. If you have done your homework, then traffic will come and your next step will be converting your visitors to customers.


It’s that simple. The concept is extremely easy to comprehend and revolves around one standing principle – relevance. You provide great content for your intended audience focused on your main offering – in this case dog grooming. Search engines make their living based on a great “user experience.”

For example, if the search engines rank your website high for “dog grooming,” and you actually have the majority of your content on “401k Investing,” the traffic directed to your website that is looking forward to learning about dog grooming will be extremely disappointed, and will leave your website in a matter of seconds. And, that visitor may go as as to use another search engine to get the results he or she is looking for concerning dog grooming. You have lost a potential customer and the search engines have lost potential advertising revenue – for now and for the future because that visitor has had a negative experience. That’s a “lose-lose.”

Have I left a few steps out? Sure – this page isn’t meant to be an in-depth discussion of Colorado Springs SEO techniques and other technical items. This is a broad discussion, and if you would like more detail, contact me HERE – or call or text me at (719) 761-4862 and I’d be glad to go into greater detail for your specific questions.