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I’d like to talk with you for a few minutes today about a very important subject – your business website hosting. I promise I’ll be brief and to the point.

If you’re not sure what hosting is, here’s a quick description. Hosting is the place on someone’s server where your website physically resides.  Right now your business website may be using hosting that you pay for directly on a server of your choice or it may be on my server since we normally include complimentary hosting for a time if we build your website.

Like virtually all websites on the internet today, your business website has software that needs to be updated on a regular basis for performance and security reasons.

VPS Website Hosting

Even though I use the very latest software and many of my clients’ websites are on my own Virtual Private Server (safer and more controllable than cheaper “shared” hosts), we were hacked a couple of weeks ago. Some clever hackers changed two tiny files on three websites to add a line of code that would direct viewers to some very malicious websites, compromising visitor’s safety and security in a big way. If visitors were directed to these dangerous websites, malicious code called malware could be installed on their computers that can steal passwords and other vital information from these innocent visitors.

Prevent Hackers!

Google found out about the hacker’s work before most anyone else, and placed those infected websites on their blacklist for dangerous websites. Visitors to those websites would see this page instead of the website:

Google Malware Warning Page

Because we were paying attention, we were able to find and repair the infected files and ask Google to manually review our repairs to ultimately remove the blacklisted status, and return the websites to a safe status. This all happened on a Sunday morning. By late Sunday night all websites were fully restored to health and removed from Google’s blacklist status. Whew!

Client’s Safety #1

Since we are normally very careful with our client’s safety and security, we felt that we were very secure and a hack attack would be very unlikely. We were wrong! This particular hacking infected hundreds of thousands of websites within just a few hours. We were definitely not alone, and we felt like we really needed to do much more to guard our client’s valuable online assets after the speed and ferocity of the attack.

Since then, we’ve upgraded our security and safety strategies for our client’s websites. We’ve added extra monitoring capabilities so we can react quicker in case of another attack. We’ve also added automatic, regular backups that are stored in a very secure location on the cloud – so that we can completely recreate a client’s website in case a hack attack destroys a website.  We also watch traffic to your website and we monitor when your website goes “down” (normally only for brief times of server maintenance), and when your website comes back “up.”

We Guarantee You’ll Be Pleased With Our Work

With all of the increased precautions, does that mean we can guarantee 100% safety and security?

Unfortunately, no.

There are some pretty clever and determined bad guys out there who will go to most any lengths to cause trouble – mainly because there can be some really great financial rewards for hacking and stealing people’s personal information.

Our goal is to actively prevent the vast majority of hacking attempts and other types of break-ins, and if or when the hackers do cause some trouble we want to be notified early to fix the problem ASAP with minimal downtime and damage to your business. And, chance are good we’ll find out about a problem long before you do – and we will automatically jump on it and get a fix in place quickly.

Quality VSP Hosting For Low Price

We have put together a package of quality VPS hosting, uptime monitoring, website health and intrusion monitoring, automatic backups and regular software updates plus if your website does get hacked and/or suffer an attack of a malware intrusion, we will do what’s necessary to get your business website up and running.

$69/month will get you this:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 99.23% Uptime* – Uptime monitoring included at no extra cost
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)Technology don’t “share” space with hundreds of potentially damaging websites
  • Peace Of Mind Security – we scan for “hacking” attacks and disinfect websites that do get attacked
  • Software updates included
  • Complete website backups – additional level of security
  • Google Webmaster Tools evaluation & monitoring
  • Repair & mitigate malware and hack attacks
  • Personal Service
  • No long-term contracts – cancel any time

Think of the investment like this. If you get hacked and your website suddenly is blacklisted by Google, you will have to hire a web developer who gets paid by the hour, anywhere from $95 to $175. If your site isn’t already verified by Google Webmaster Tools, it will take some time to get this essential data (maybe a day of more). Then, they will have to spend time figuring out what’s going on and repair the damage – if that’s possible. There’s a remote chance your site will be “unfixable.” If you don’t have a backup of your business website for this worst case scenario, then you could be facing some major restoration and rebuilding costs – and some big dollars.

malware attack

If the attack isn’t too bad and your site is fixable, you’ll probably incur 2- 4 hours of work for a total bill of between $190 and $700 just to bring you back to ground zero. And you still may be vulnerable to another attack – not to mention you still have nobody to update software and monitor the health of your business website over the long term.

The choice is yours – save some money up front and play the odds that you don’t have a big problem in the future, but still be liable for a big repair bill if something does go wrong. Or proactively put Fairlane Web Consulting on your side at a mere $69/month and we’ll be poised to take care of your website no matter what happens.

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