Has your WordPress website been neglected?

website maintenance cost

Regular WordPress software and plugin updates are crucial to the performance, health and safety of your website.  When was the last time you backed up your WordPress website – and all its important data, images and content? If you don’t know when this last happened, then you NEED to take care of this issue BEFORE you lose data after a neglected website gets hacked – or worse!

We can get your WordPress website healthy and keep it healthy and running smoothly with regular monthly software updates and a secure backup to servers “on the cloud.” There’s no effort or worry on your part – we do it all and you can rest assured that one of your most important business assets is safe and secure. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Upgrade your website to the most current version of WordPress each month
  • Upgrade all your plugins to the latest versions
  • Securely backup your website to our secure Amazon S3 Cloud-based servers
  • Repair any bad links
  • Update contact information
  • Whatever else you need

Updating your current website is a great way to save money and chances are you will be pleasantly surprised at how little quality WordPress website care and maintenance really can cost.

Let’s get started by sending us some basic information below or you can call us at 719-761-4862.