I just got off the phone with an incredibly rude and aggressive yellow pages (yp.com) “sales person,” and my heart is thumping I am so mad from the aggressive sales tactics!

aggressive sales tacticsThis guy has been hounding my client for months. He calls and yells at them. They feel VERY uncomfortable on the phone with this guy. My clients are nice people – this sales guy is not. I told my clients to refer him to me when they called. He’s called me several times, and I’ve told him “we don’t want any.” I figured the last “NO” was it. I was wrong. They blocked his number.

Go back a year, and this client had been sold a bill of goods from YP – and a few other big-name internet marketing companies. And, for the thousands per month they were spending on “advertising through these big name companies – including yp.com – they were not getting business from those ads.

As part of my plan, I advised them to get rid of anything that wasn’t working. They followed my plan (cut all high-priced services, build a good local reputation) and their monthly marketing spending decreased dramatically and their incoming calls went up.  Good, not perfect, but we’re in the hunt.

Then along comes this joker from yp.com. I can’t even remember his name, but I have the phone number – Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada (702) 852-XXXX.  We started out civilly enough and I told him we did not want to but his services. Then came the hard sell – But they’re getting 68 calls a month – and it’s only costing $78/month! That last statement set off my BS meter – NOTHING at yp.com costs $78/month! Most yp.com people get taken for 6-figures!

I told him again that we did not want to  “sign up.” I don’t believe my clients are paying YP for anything now. I used a much stronger tone. He then said, and I paraphrase, “I looked you up, you’re not doing anything for them, you’re just stealing their money – they’re now getting 68 calls per month from YP!” I told him he had a lot of nerve – the pot calling the kettle black! I then hung up on the guy & blocked his phone number.

I have NEVER encountered a rude and obnoxious “salesman” like this using such aggressive sales tactics! I did a little research and came up with some “interesting” complaints for yp.com at www.comsumeraffairs.com. You can see them all at that link or read a few snippets below.

My opinion is YP is a scam. It is a classic bait and switch. I have filed a small claims against YP for misrepresentation. My major problem is YP will make all efforts to do auto renewal. Do not sign a contract with this scam YP artist company.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. You are much better using a free site. SO not worth the $500 a month they wanted from me. They just want your money and they do nothing in return. It took them over a month to list my website. Just don’t get involved with this company. It’s a SCAM.

For every consumer out there thinking about advertising with this company online, I hope you have the chance to read this first. This company has to be one of the most fraudulent companies out there. I have currently filed complaints with the United States Attorney General’s office as well as with several consumer fraud divisions in attempts to put a stop to the way this company does business. I have found a website filled with other consumer complaints that I wished I had found prior to getting involved with these clowns. Let me start from the beginning.

And there are pages of complaints, many of them very specific, just like the above.

In my years of helping clients with internet marketing I have NEVER seen yp.com – or any other big-name internet marketing company (att.com, etc.) bring anywhere near the amount of leads, phone calls, etc. that they promise. And every contract is a full 12 months (which you can almost never break). And they ALWAYS want auto pay through a bank account or a credit card.

Very slick sales people (except for this rude joker), unbelievably expensive services and minimal, if any results.

My warning: DO NOT sigh any marketing agreements with a big name intermet marketing company!

If, after reading this article, still have the inclination to spend thousands for very doubtful results, please read what some of these folks went through.


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By Dan Morton