Advertising disappears the moment you stop paying. Your DEX page, Google Adwords, your Hibu page and any other similar ads disappears into a cloud of dust as soon as the payments stop.

Does this mean that assets are always good and advertising is always bad? Not necessarily.

Some ads can be very productive. Take Google Adwords for example, can be a really good form of advertising for a local business, provided you use keywords effectively and send clicks to a good landing page.

From my experience, expensive advertising on a Big Name directory page (probably the most common sales push on the internet today) is like throwing your money down a black hole. A new client learned that their advertising on a Big Name directory page had cost them about $150 per click – in an industry where the most expensive Adwords clicks cost about $4.50 each. They got a total of two clicks to their site for $300 in a month. You tell me if that’s a great deal.

Let me repeat this. Most of the ad schemes on the internet today are virtually worthless. Those that do produce leads (and sometimes sales) tend to be horribly expensive with a ROI that can be punishing.

But we have to face reality – not every business can be on the front page of Google with great organic positioning of their internet assets. That takes time and if your business isn’t generating revenue now, you need to bring in customers fast. In order to build a business advertising can be a productive strategy, provided it’s used wisely.

What do we find works best for our local clients? Hands down, the best forms of advertising local businesses are Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Used properly, these two forms of advertising for local businesses can be cost effective and a great way to build a business while the business assets are under development.

If you’re a local business that’s confused about the advertising you’re using, why not schedule a 30 minuet conference call where we can help you determine what advertising is working – and what’s not? Click HERE to contact us or just give us a call at (719) 761-4862.