Local Business Marketing Specialists

We’re not in the business of knocking other local web design companies, but we really need to tell the truth here. Sure, most of them can design a beautiful website, but most local businesses need more. Many local website designers have years in the business and can show you many examples of pretty websites they’ve designed for a myriad of clients through the years. But what experience do they have with local business marketing?

Do they really know anything about building your business on the internet?

By our own experience we do know that most have limited experience in helping local businesses do what’s truly necessary to actually help those local businesses build their business online with a thoughtful, search engine centered and well-designed internet presence.

How do we know most local website designers can’t help build your business?

We spend a lot of time undoing the damage caused by the carelessness and inexperience of many of these localweb designers. Without going into a lot of technical jargon, let’s just say that most web design companies concentrate on a pretty-looking website without considering what the business really needs.

While we won’t go into detail here, we are always happy to give you more details privately. Give us a call at (719) 761-4862 or click HERE to contact us and we’ll answer all your questions.

Inexperienced local web designers aren’t the only problem.

And let’s be honest here. We spend plenty time undoing the damage done to local businesses caused by LARGE internet marketing companies as well. See if you recognize any of these names. DEX, Hibu and Yodle  cause some of the most damage to local businesses’ internet presence that we’ve seen. And it is expensive to fix problems created by these “big name” marketing companies screw-ups not only in dollars but in lost time. Time that could have been better spent taking phone calls and invoicing new clients gets wasted mopping up the mess.

The fact of the matter is most local web designers have no idea how to get clients out of messes like this. The good news? We know how!

Average web design companies offer stuff, but no plan.

Here’s another thing that we’ve learned after serving many local businesses. Most website designers will offer you a plateful of “stuff” but no plan to build your business on the internet. Websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) social media posting are all well and good – as long as they’re part of a bigger plan that’s designed to build your business through increased calls and sales.

So, what does your business really need?

To generate leads and sales from the internet your business needs some basic, professionally built assets designed to fully exploit search engines for local business.

  1. A well-designed lead generation website.
  2. Claimed, verified and professionally optimized Google Business page.
  3. Optimized Facebook business page.
  4. Claimed & optimized review and citation pages on 100 to 200 of the most important citation websites.
  5. Process in place to get great reviews.
  6. Collect customer email addresses
  7. Use those email addresses to build sales and customer loyalty

The problem is, the vast majority of local web design companies stop at #1 (many without the lead generation website). They put out a nice looking website, collect their payment and then walk away. The business owner, thrilled and satisfied (initially) with a beautiful website thinks he’s going to see a lot of new business.

After time, just the opposite usually proves true. The new website alone does nothing to bring in new business. And the business owner is stuck with a non-income generating asset that SHOULD be generating income for the business.

There may be something we can do if you have a website that isn’t performing.

Fortunately, there’s hope for the local business owner who may find themselves in that unhappy situation with a new website that’s not producing. It’s possible that we can salvage the situation with some website tweaks and adjustments in conjunction with targeted asset building.

Of course it may take some time but we’ve learned over the years that following the steps we’ve learned serving many other local businesses usually results in a good outcome. Of course since every situation is unique and we’re working with third-party resources we have no direct control over, we can’t guarantee outcomes.

But we can guarantee your satisfaction with our work.